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In Crow We Trust

Come on a global journey and join forces to help bring generative art to the masses as we form a global community known as the Crow Republic. 

Through the melding of high-quality sophisticated art, exciting storylines, and meaningfully productive utility, all disciples of the Crow Republic will help create a global mosaic like no other.  Put your trust in the Crow.




The Crow Republic is a new global community which has been born as a true republic, creating a form of government in which the power is held by its people and elected representatives. Just as it did in ancient times, republican government requires that its citizens act virtuously in the defense of self-government.


They must act responsibly to take care of themselves, their families, loved ones, and communities. They must remain vigilant against the types of demagogues’ history is full of—those who start out calling themselves champions of the people, but who turn out to be their greatest enemies.


The challenge for the Crow Republic, and its growing band of devoted followers, is to learn from the full histories of ancient republics: their glory days, as well as their unfortunate and dangerous descent into dictatorships. In this way they can serve us, just as they did to former Republics, not only as inspirations but also as cautionary tales to guide us in our quest.


In January of 2022, the Crow Republic, along with its protagonist Jackstraw, is born. This exiting project was created by a diverse group of talented technologists, artists, and storytellers. This highly experienced team thoroughly understand the complex demands of today’s NFT community and is dedicated to establishing a new standard in sustainability and climate awareness.


Due to the complex legacy of high levels of greenhouse gas emissions generated by other blockchains, the Crow Republic team decided that the Cardano blockchain was the most efficient platform on which to build their NFT project. The team recognized that Cardano’s Proof-of-Stake consensus provides a more energy-efficient alternative for users and enterprises, much more in fact, than the typical Proof-of-Work consensus used by Ethereum and others.


With an evolving storyline that will carry the project forward, Jackstraw, a common guardian of the fields known throughout the world as a scarecrow, changes dramatically one day as he is sprayed, along with the field he is in, with a thick toxic chemical which ultimately brings him ‘to life’. Jackstraw shares this new life with a former nemesis, the Crow, and they are now one. Jackstraw is now able to ‘speak’ to all races, creeds, and cultures and through his teachings the promise of hope, forgiveness and unity can permeate every part of the globe. He will teach every citizen how to reconnect to Mother Earth and one another in a time of centralized technological dystopian alienation.


Jackstraw represents the ‘common man’ and serves as a living representative of those suffering from the organized abuse of our society and, along with the Crow, will act as the catalyst to bring our world together as one global community, the Crow Republic.


Jackstraw NFT by Crow Republic is scheduled for minting on the Cardano blockchain Q1 2023.



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